B-Sides & Badlands - Taste Test: The Strangemakers want everyone to just ‘Wait on Me’

Grief is the kind of merciless thunderstorm that rips eaves from rooftops and uproots entire oak trees. Such force can completely destroy your life, so if you’re lucky, you’ve got patient and comforting souls guiding you through the aftermath. Fronting folk-rock band The Strangemakers, singer and songwriter Alex McCulloch sees the punches puncture her skin, and all she can do, is let it happen and ride out the subsequent waves of sorrow, anger, desolation. On “Wait on Me,” tripping through folk music as it’s stirred with a reedy mid-90s indie-rock rumble, she entices the listener to sink down in the dark basement of pain with her and her bandmates. Musicians Tom Perry, Chris Lyttle and Sam Schwartzbein lace up their work with equal parts unbearable melancholy and sharp clarity as the clouds part, only teardrops of rain left to clean. “Are we strangers now / Until the next time we meet,” coos McCulloch, her salty streams painting in water colors

By Jason Scott, June 10, 2019